Housing for Afghan families Survey

Thank you for taking the time to fill in this snap survey about the availability of an empty property for one of our Afghan families.

We ask for tenancies to be a minimum of one year- preferably two years.

We furnish the properties, however it’s not a problem if some furniture is there as we do an inventory.

We translate tenancy agreements and support with signing tenancy. We pick up costs (rent/ council tax) from the moment we get keys to the property until the tenant moves in. So no void costs for you to worry about.

We offer use of the WiltsLet - support for private landlords and renters.

For 1 or 2 bed properties we will only be able to take on the property if the landlord accepts LHA rate. This is based on house size (bedrooms) and location.

Please note while the government has said rooms in shared houses are not suitable for the scheme, if you would like to offer that room to an unaccompanied asylum seeking young person we can put you in contact with our supported lodgings team.

You will have a main staff contact who can:
·Offer a deposit bond, and rent in advance in some circumstances.  
·Check the property meets lettings standards
·Help find tenants suited to it
·Conduct viewings
·Provide a tenancy agreement if needed
·Carry out the sign up
·Complete the inventory
·Assist you in visiting the property if you are experiencing problems with the tenant

Please answer these questions below and we will be in touch if we can use your property in the future.

Q7.0Please indicate the size of the homes you're able to provide. Select all that apply.
Q9.0Is the accomodation furnished?
Q9.1Is the accomodation available now?
Q9.3If you have a room in a shared house which is available would you like us to put you in touch with the supported lodgings team?
Q9.4Are you offering support on a charitable/pro-bono or commercial basis?
(Understanding whether you require payment for the housing will help us to categorise it when assessing offers of support.)
Q9.5Would you be prepared to offer to a family that is not Afghan if the Afghan family is not ready to move in when the property is available? (Please note we would not use properties where the landlord has evicted tenants to take advantage of this opportunity.)

Thank you for the time you have taken to fill in this form. We will be in touch if we need more information from you or we have a family for your property.

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