Our Natural Environment Plan - A Green Blue Infrastructure Strategy for Wiltshire

Thank you for taking the time to review our Natural Environment Plan. This document sets out the vision, goals, and principles for a partnership approach to protecting and enhancing our natural vegetative (green) areas such as woodlands, hedgerows, and wildflower meadows and wet (blue) spaces such as ponds, rivers and canals. View the GBI strategy here
Please take a few minutes to provide some feedback on this draft strategy and/or the executive survey by answering the following questions:

Q1.0Which document have you read? (Tick all that apply)
Q2.0Having read The Strategy or the Executive Summary how well do you understand the term ‘Green and Blue Infrastructure’(GBI) and its importance?


Q3.0Having read the Strategy or the Executive Summary how important do you think delivering the vision is for Wiltshire?


Q4.0The GBI Strategy has three main goals. Considering the vision how important do you feel these goals are in delivering it? (Where 1 is not important and 10 is very important)
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 Adaption and resilience to climate change          

 Halting loss and improving biodiversity          

 Contributing to health and well-being          
Q4.1How well do these capture the main actions and outcomes?

Delivery Themes

Q5.0The GBI Strategy highlights six delivery themes. In order to help us understand which of these themes are most important to you could you please rank your preference for the delivery themes with the most important at No 1 to the least important at No 6.


Q6.0Having read the Strategy or the Executive Summary how clear and understandable was the GBI Strategy?

Partnership Working

Q7.0The GBI Strategy will require partnership working and community action to succeed. If you represent an organisation would your organisation be interested in knowing more about any future action partnerships or steering groups?

If you represent an organisation that would like to be involved in any future action partnerships or steering groups then please email Paul Robertson at paul.robertson@wiltshire.gov.uk with your details and area of interest.


Thank you for answering our questions on the GBI Strategy. In order to ensure that our consultation has reached a representative cross section of the population of Wiltshire, we would be grateful if you could answer the following anonymous demographic questions to help us better understand who is interacting with the consultation.

Q9.0Are you a member of a local environmental group?
Q10.0Are you responding as an individual or as an organisation
Q11.0How old are you?
Q12.0Are you
Q13.0How would you describe your ethnic origin?
Q14.0Do you have a long-standing illness or disability?
Q15.0What is the total annual income of your household (before tax and deductions, but including benefits/allowances)?

Thank you for taking the time to answer this survey. It will really help us to create and deliver an ‘Natural Environmental Plan’- Green and Blue Infrastructure Strategy that works for Wiltshire.

                                                  Our Community Environmental Toolkit
If you are interested in supporting the themes of the GBI strategy at community level there is a Community Environmental Toolkit available on the Wiltshire Council website to download to help your community survey, plan and implement environmental enhancements locally.
For a hard copy of the Community Environmental Toolkit please email paul.robertson@wiltshire.gov.uk

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