Proposed A350 Melksham bypass - second public engagement

Q2.0Are you responding on behalf of yourself or an organisation?
Q3.0Where is your business based? (go to Q11 once you've answered this question)
Q4.0How old are you?
Q5.0Are you
Q6.0Is your gender identity the same as the gender you were assigned at birth?
Q7.0How would you describe your ethnic origin?
Q8.0Do you have any long-standing illness or disability?
Q9.0What is the total annual income of your household (before tax and deductions, but including benefits/allowances)?
Q10.0Did you respond to the first consultation on this scheme earlier this year?
Q11.0Do you, or any members of your household, at present own or have continuous use of any of the following motor vehicles? (tick all that apply)
Q12.0How many vehicles does your household own or have continuous use of at present?
Q13.0How often do you travel by car or van as a driver?
Q13.1How often do you travel by car or van as a passenger?
Q13.2How often do you travel by bus?
Q13.3How often do you travel by train?
Q13.4How often do you travel by motorcycle, scooter, or moped?
Q13.5How often do you travel by bicycle?
Q13.6How often do you travel somewhere on foot at least 15 minutes' walk away
Q14.0Do you support the need for an improvement to the A350 at Beanacre and Melksham?
Q16.0Do you think the route being consulted on would be suitable for the scheme?
Q18.0Which of the options at the northern end do you prefer?
Q19.0Do you think the emerging rights of way diversions and proposals are suitable?
Q21.0Do you think the walking and cycling measures being considered for the town are suitable?
Q23.0Do you have any concerns regarding the emerging bypass solution?
Q25.0Would the scheme reduce your journey times on the A350 through Beanacre and Melksham?
Q26.0Would the scheme reduce your journey times on other routes through Melksham such as on the A3102 and A365?
Q27.0Would the scheme make it more attractive for you to walk or cycle to Melksham town centre, the rail station, or along the existing A350?
Q28.0Do you think the scheme would improve road safety for the A350 and Melksham?
Q29.0Would the scheme make it easier for you to move around in Melksham and Beanacre and visit the places and shops you need to?

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