Your Voice Survey 2019

Hello!  We are the Children in Care Council and we hope you can help us make the services that we get from workers in the council better for all of us.

The job of the Children in Care Council is to talk to other children and find out what's important to them.  We then tell people who work at the council so that the support they give us is good.  By answering these questions honestly, you will be helping us.

You can tell us your name at the end if you want to - but you don't have to.
If you find you can't move forward, look for the unanswered question which will be outlined (top and bottom) in red.
 At the beginning, did someone explain to you why a worker was going to be working with you and your family?
 Which service is/was working with you and your family over the last 12 months? (You may tick more than one box)
Please have a think about the past 12 months and who the workers are who supported you.
 How many times have you been asked to tell your life story?
 Have you asked your worker for help at any time?
 Do you feel that you have had the right help?
 Did you get the help when you needed it?
 Would you have liked to ask for help?
We would like to know what you feel about the workers who have supported you over the past 12 months.
 Has your worker helped you?
 Was your worker easy to get hold of?
 Have they used words that you did not understand?
 Did they tell you what your rights were and what was happening?
 Did they take time to get to know you and your family?
 Did they listen to you?
We would like to know a little bit more about you.
 Do you feel safer than before?
 Have you been supported to be the best you can?
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