Extended pre-publication consultation on special schools provision

This extended consultation is an opportunity for you to decide if there is anything else you would like to say knowing that this is part of the pre-publication consultation process.

This consultation is about how Wiltshire Council will develop provision for all children and young people with SEND and in particular create new special school places by 2026.

The previous proposal to close the three special schools, Rowdeford, Larkrise and St Nicholas and to build a new school at Rowdeford remains an option.  However, we will take into consideration all responses which differ from those as part of an inclusive and wide-ranging reconsideration of consultation submissions.
To date some of the criteria that have been taken into account have included the following (these are not in any particular order or weighting):
·  Travel times and routes
·  Leadership, staffing, recruitment and retention
·  Teaching and therapy spaces
·  Community, inclusion and coproduction
·  Capital and revenue costs
·  Medical needs
·  Preparation for adulthood
·  Land options and planning
·  Development of a Centre of Excellence (improving support to all children/young people with SEND)
·  Quality of provision
·  Support to families
·  Timescale

This is not an exhaustive list and we would welcome other thoughts and proposals.
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